Cardamart NFT Use Case as the redefinition of trust on Cardano Ecosystem

4 min readJan 17, 2022


Hello Cardamart Community!!!

As we all know Cardamart has embarked on a journey to be the first Functional Decentralised Cross-Chain NFT marketplace on the Cardano Ecosystem in which the $Cmart token would be serving as the platform’s subscription token.

With Cardamart, while leveraging it’s fast transaction speed and very low costs anyone can create, acquire, sell and exchange one-of-a kind digital goods with transparent ownership rights and a traceable history on the Cardano Blockchain.These digital assets can be assigned ownership rights, proof of origin, or a trackable transactional history which will be powered with the $Cmart token.

Cardamart NFTs have generated a lot of attention from a lot of investors and launchpads like and will soon become a reality in the arts and entertainment worlds. Yet, beyond these applications, many real-world business use cases — from licensing, domain name ownership, certifications and identifications , Art, luxury brands, sports, and athletic and other memorabilia would be incorporated into the Cardamart marketplace.

The token name Cmart (ticker = $Cmart) is a Cardano native token that would be deployed on the blockchain.

With a total supply of 200 million Cmart tokens, $Cmart will give its users the full capacity to interact with the Cardamart Marketplace.

We bring to you the various use cases of the $Cmart token;

Governance : $Cmart token would be used to distribute liquidity rewards and participate in governance which includes having voting power.$Cmart Token Holders will be able to be part of the decision making process of issues that affect the community. This would commence after the public sale token distribution is completed. The $Cmart token holders would be able to vote for upgrades and further development of the project. This goes to say that the higher token holders get the higher votes as is practicable in most corporate governance.

Documents Tokenization: As NFTs contain code with a unique set of information, $Cmart would be used to tokenize documentations such as degrees, academic certificates, licenses and other qualifications as well as medical records, birth and death certificates etc on the Cardamart Platform.

Stake and Earn: $Cmart token holders will enjoy passive income as they can be able to stake their $Cmart and earn rewards in $Cmart or Ada using AMM protocol.

Featured Listing: Given the large number of NFTs that would be on the platform, users would be able to purchase ad slots for their NFTs using $Cmart Token.

UNIQUE PERKS: Top holders of our token will be given Exclusive access to rare and limited edition NFTs which will only be made available to the Public after top holders have had their initial access.

Referral Rewards : An on-chain referral program would be implemented to incentivise users to invite friends to join the farming. Inviters will earn 10% of his/her friends’ token purchase in $Cmart token.

Liquidity Mining: Cardamart token ownership allows users to earn passive income in $Cmart or ADA as a liquidity provider.

Payment purposes: All transaction fees charged on the platform would be paid only with $Cmart to increase its use and circulation.

Profit Sharing: Top holders would be able to earn a fixed percentage of profits made from all the transactions the platform utilizing the $Cmart token.

(i) Ad slot purchases.

(ii) NFT Purchase transaction costs

(iii) Cross-Chain Swap transaction costs etc .

Creator Verification and Voting: Users would be more likely to transact with verified creators on our platform. As such creators who will wish to verify their platform will be required to stake a preset amount of $Cmart token before they can apply for the verification.

Holders of our token will also partake in the voting for the verification of the creator’s profile.


  1. The distribution of Cmart tokens has been carefully designed to create a decentralized, community-driven DeFi protocol that is not controlled by a small group of actors, total amount of two hundred million Cmart tokens will be minted and distributed.
  2. At pre-sale stage, 1 Cmart Token will be sold for 0.00666667 ADA

30 Percent Of The Total Supply Will be allocated to our Sale Rounds Which goes like this.

Private Sale: 15%

Pre-Sale: 10%

Public Sale: 5%

15% of the total tokens will be held by Cardamart as a token reserve to ensure we have enough liquidity for our pools.

11 Percent of the total $Cmart supply will be allocated to the Founding Team & Advisors to align our interests with those of the community.

14% of $CMART Supply will be used for Marketing & Incentivise Influencers.

30% Will be locked in a treasury with a publicly viewable address for further development of the Cardamart NFT ecosystem.

$Cmart token would become available through Private sale, Pre-sale and Public sale phases.

Early investors can choose to buy in as soon as we start of sales.

This project is headed to the moon and set to give a much-needed solution to the NFT Ecosystem. It is already receiving amazing support from our community as well as potential retail and institutional investors.

After the sales stages, we would be listing on big exchanges.

Note that:

1. All team tokens, liquidity and marketing tokens will be available in transparent wallets that can be viewed by anyone at any moment.

2. Funds raised will be used in product development, operational services and marketing.

Be sure to keep up with us on our social media channels.

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