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Hello Cardamart community welcome to our third post on our medium blog.

On this edition, we will be discussing about our Utility Token $CMART, it’s supply and how it is distributed.

It’s pertinent to reflect that minting a token on a blockchain project is the crypto equivalent of buying / earning shares of a company.

Tokenization of a project has several advantages , with raising the required funds for its optimal functioning being the primary one.

There would be 200,000,000 Cmart Tokens ($Cmart) that would ever be minted and it will be distributed as follows.

11 Percent of the total $Cmart supply will be allocated to the Founding Team & Advisors to align our interests with those of the community.

30 Percent Of The Total Supply Will be allocated to our Sale Rounds Which goes like this.

Private Sale To initial investors: 15%

Pre-Sale: 10%

Public Sale: 5%

15% of the total tokens will be held by Cardamart as a token reserve to ensure we have enough liquidity for our pools.

14% of $CMART Supply will be used for Marketing & Incentivise Influencers.

30% Will be locked in a treasury with a publicly viewable address for further development of the Cardamart NFT ecosystem.

Our Sale Rounds will fund the growth of our platform and increase it’s adoption while also creating enough awareness for our decentralised marketplace for digital assets and services and also give further utility to our token $CMART.

A major component is allocated to a marketing pool for a thorough marketing and public sensitisation of the Cardamart project, to help bring crypto, Cardano and Cardamart news into their daily lives.

To Further increase transparency, we would be locking the Team, Marketing, Treasury Tokens For Time Periods Highlighted below.

Founding Team Tokens will be locked at 100% of the initial amount for a period of 1000 Days, with 20% released after every 100 days.

Half of Marketing & Partnerships token allocation will be locked for a period of 6 Months to be released at the emission rate of 5% monthly after the 6th month.

Locked Treasury tokens will be locked for a minimum of 365 days to be relocked if the need arises.

How Will The Funding Be Used

Our fund allocation plan below will outline how we will handle funds raised in details.

Private Sale Fund Utilisation
50% Product Development

* 30% Marketing & Awareness Creation
* 11% Management & Operation
* Community Reward Program

  • We will be starting our private sale for initial adopters a in few days time.

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